The Search for a Tap Truck

Sell, donate, and show us your custom truck! 

After a long hard day it rests in the garage. Maybe it spends the night in the barn or the average cement driveway. It is a truck. The life blood of a hard working man. We are talking crew cabs, step sides, fleet sides, five windows, but our  personal favorite the panel truck! While we are busy listing them all, nothing messes with a solid stake-bed, dually and COEs (cab over engine). The American Truck screams red while and blue. But what happens when a truck has seen a life or two. Enter the time for a custom built vintage Tap Truck!

There are so many awesome styles and tastes created by the American consumer over the years. Comparing early  trucks of the 50’s to the 60’s you see a lot more functionality in the sizing of the bed. Personally I think this was a better move in being able to load up more tack and supplies. But you have to keep in mind that frame and suspensions we're making this size increase possible. Hop behind the wheel and see what I am talking about! Also black in the day you were seeing different tire widths as well which would have been even more eye opening on fabric tires! 

Technological advances as we went from 6 cylinders to 8 cylinders, and the displacement began to gain (volume of piston bore top to bottom). If you are going to have a custom built engine there is no better way to begin with a 350. The 350 is a GM engine that has a solid run in cars from 1967 to 2003! With parts at all major stores, you are bound to keep building upon your truck. Or say you are having a bad day, parts could be just up the street vs days of shipping. Then you are set to continue on down the road! 

Now when we upgrade a custom built beer truck, we immediately want to touch on the importance of mechanics. Reliability in getting to an event in a timely manner vs a bunch of thirsty guests would not be as ideal. Based on the drivetrain, original or updated, we tend to rebuild a lot of our simple surroundings. To create a list: starter, power brakes, alternator, and cooling system. If a water pump works, or looks decent we tend to keep it going, but a real simple and much needed upgrade is an aluminum radiator. With the old corrosion usually found in an old system, you  truly need to take care of a poor radiator before you find yourself in a poor situation. This can be as low as $350 bucks, vs an overheated side of the road hot day where you might toss a rod! 

We love to joke, but we are definitely right. All trucks want to become a tap truck. But how  do they get there? Well it's time to strip things down and become custom built. Did you know for a period of time, the C10, C20, C30 Chevrolet trucks were called that because you would order them from the dealership. It was a big push by GM to create your personal touch. So C stands for Custom as you picked your power and style. Now Tap Truck C10s  as like that extra level of a custom built  beverage menu! 

Styling a truck is important. From the tip top glossy paint to the rims and tires. We like to rock fresh painted stock rims, with a beauty ring (2 inch white wall) and come cap. Almost like a cherry on top. Picking and choosing the shoes totally ties a vehicle together. Top of our list, rally wheels! 

Have a truck you wish to sell, donate  or even want to simply show our team? Share this blog with them and TAP IN to our contact page! We look forward to photos and videos as well!

You’d be surprised how many ambulances and fire trucks we have checked out as well! Someday…