Where do you find a Custom Built Mobile Bar?

Our top resources for finding trucks to become the next beer truck!

We have been asked time and again where we find each one of our Tap Trucks. Here we are to help so you know how the hunt begins. Keep in mind some vehicles can take a lot of work. Finding a vehicle can be easy. Finding a quality vehicle in the proper building conditions already, priceless! There are so many specs to find a truck perfectly ready for a tap system. So more often than not there are double digit steps needed to make the truck a Tap Truck. 



Wow craigslist was the jam back in the day. Untouchable when it came to someone’s listings. In today's date of 2020, I almost feel like Craiglists rise and fall is somewhat comparable to myspace. You can absolutely disagree if you would like. Maybe it was poor publicity over the years, but most likely an archaic platform that people began to lean toward easier ways to sell a vehicle. I think a last ill timed item was charging people to list vehicles now. That can definitely drive people away! 

Now that we have thoroughly slammed craigslist, this is why it is awesome. You catch more old timers. People are a little more focused on selling their listed vehicle on craigslist now. Maybe that is the trend we see with meeting awesome old dudes on craigslist, but it definitely is a perk. We love the older generations. Hearing their stories and in a way they need to tell their stories. So this older note is another benefit as well when you have more authentic vehicles. And a wheeler dealer now doesn’t use craigslist as much so you don’t get caught up in those guys as much anymore. 

Keep it coming and keep listing them craigslist!!!


Facebook Marketplace

This is the front runner for us. Facebook marketplace has been going through some updates lately to enhance searches. it seems like most of the kinks have been narrowed down. Winning! Everyone and their mom is son facebook. Especially their mom! Ha We say this because it does seem like we get a few listings where a wife or daughter is helping a non facebooked list a vehicle. Easy stuff as you can just message the “owner” then one of the first things is to get their phone number so you can go over questions.   Always nice to hear someone’s real voice when getting serious about spending real money on a car. if they can’t set up a call with you then maybe business isn’t supposed to work out with that person? Food for thought as a question.

Facebook Marketplace is so great in the ability to use facebook messenger. What an awesome tool to be able to send photos easily as well. with notifications right to their phone it is as simple as responding to a text for some people. When I request a phone call I can tell it catches some off guard! The lost art form of a verbal conversation ha. 

Tell me how you got the car. 

Do you have the pink slip? OR vehicle title? 

How long have you owned it?

Why is it hot pink? 

These and all the other questions in between are important to get an honest answer and have that in person or on the call. Just reading those questions would be a bit to text and reply! Don't want to accidentally rub someone the wrong way when asking those especially in writing. 


Offer Up

What a lovely and easy to use app. IT is so nice how it lays out and runs quick to get  buyer and seller connected. I think of this as the spot on the app based version of craigslist. Please disagree if you want. The nice thing when comparing this to facebook is you get people a bit more serious in getting things bought and sold vs Facebook. If they are on the app they seem to respond well. If we have a complainant about offer up. It seems to lack a bit in classic cars vs the other platforms. Time will tell as maybe those folks well begin to show up  more with their Dodges, GM, Chevrolets and Fords. Show ponies or originals, we will take it all! Even a rust bucket or two! 


Classic Cars (classicscars.com)

This is a very formal platform. It is usually pretty pristine or one of a kind classics listed not here. Inventory is spread out across the USA. You see some really nice items. Every vehicle on here is a pretty straight shooter. Solid photo and high quality images for you to shop in style. The site has some good support too as it is a bit smaller than the other more socially based platforms. Boon note focused on the sell vs the masses of sells. 

Check out all these platforms and best of luck in your car or truck search!!!

Send us your own or your local trucks you see around town!  

Please hit our contact page so we can get your info and be ready to send us some pics! We appreciate your support. The hunt is always on for the next gem.