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  • What Makes our Vintage Trucks Unique

    We believe that a great mobile bar needs to have personality and to really stand out of the crowd. Our mobile bar California is all about bringing that and truly pushing the experience to the next level. Instead of going with modern mobile bars, we decided to bring in the old school appeal and us... View Post
  • Where do you find a Custom Built Mobile Bar?

    Our top resources for finding trucks to become the next beer truck! We have been asked time and again where we find each one of our Tap Trucks. Here we are to help so you know how the hunt begins. Keep in mind some vehicles can take a lot of work. Finding a vehicle can be easy. Finding a quality ... View Post
  • Tap Truck Mobile Bars vs. trailer bars & prosecco vans

      What is the difference between the service and style provided within the different popular party trends of today?   Mobile Bar All of these vehicles, trailers and anything that gets a bar for a single event is in the mobile bar realm. So, everything that brings you alcohol can be a mobile bar, ... View Post