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Event Packages

The Keg Convoy Package

 For the refined palate

  • House Cider, House Kegged Wine, and two custom beers
  • Vintage Tap Truck
  • Bartenders

The Showcase Package

A Wedding Favorite*

  • House Blonde and IPA Beers, House Red and White Wine
  • Vintage Tap Truck
  • Bartenders

Custom Chrome Package

For the Beer Lovers 

  • Pick your top 4 beers
  • Vintage Tap Truck
  • Bartenders

The Rally Package (Beer Only) 

Classic Beer Package 

  • House Blonde, IPA, and Stout beers
  • Vintage Tap Truck
  • Bartenders

Other Packages

Nuts And Bolts (Truck Rental)

For the DIY events

  • We can rent our trucks by the hour and delivery mileage.

Mechanic (Bartending Service)

For the Extra Help

  • We can supply bartenders or additional help for your event.

The Fuel Pump (Cash Bar)

For Those With a Limit

  • Full cash bar. Keep in mind we hold minimums.

The Customized Bar Package

For the Custom Option

  • Tell us what you want and we'll put together a custom quote.

Event Extras

Tell us what you and your guests would like to enjoy for the special occasion. We can prepare a quote for any custom beer, wine or champagne to fit what you desire.

  •  Custom Beer Order: Craft brews from your friendly local brewery or any one of your faves. 
  •  Custom Wine Order: Choose a wine from our locally-sourced vineyards or your favorite bottle of vino! 
  •  Water Dispenser: For those hot days when you need to quench your thirst 
  •  Lemonade Dispenser: Tell us what flavor you like or choose our home-style original blend. 
  •  Ice Tea Dispenser: Sweetened, unsweetened? We'll freshly brew for you! 
  •  Infused Water: Choose from Strawberry Basil, Citrus Mango, Cucumber Lemon, or Strawberry Mint 
  •  Champagne Service: Champagne, Persecco, Cava, or sparkling wine? Served on ice for your event!
  •  Coffee Service: Cold brew coffee, drip coffee, hot, or iced. Let us know what you need and we got you.
  •  Additional Beverages: Need Certain favorites? Glass bottled Cokes to fit your theme, Gatorade, bottled waters, canned sodas? Let us know in your submission. 

 *Each Tap Truck area may have their own popular menu and suggestions to make your guests happy.