Business Opportunities


Do you see great potential in bringing Tap Truck to your area? Well, we are looking for the right people in the right areas to do just that with the Tap Truck Brand! 

Maybe you always wanted to run your own business?! Here is your big chance! We can begin to build you a custom truck, license the Tap Truck brand to you, and offer our advice to guide you toward becoming a beer truck hero. Jump on Board before your area is snagged! 

We hold a spot on recipe for developing a great time at any corporate event, private gathering, festival and/or wedding that needs Tap Truck experience! This young company is off to a great start seeking solid business minds wanting to be a part of something moving. 

There are opportunities to be had with Tap Truck Licensing, which means this is not a beer truck franchise, so you build upon your own business area in the area with our logo and spot on consulting. The guidance we offer is incredible as time and again we have successfully built Tap Truck owners. We are here and ready to work together United, in these States of America, one beer at a time.

Maybe you already have a truck and need some great branding and a business name to market? Maybe you need great catering insights? Maybe you seek advice building beer systems? Or possibly tying in your business to a solid built website? Whatever you needs Tap Truck LLC is here to unite and guide your business to be a success.

It never hurts to talk, so drop us a note as we can collaborate. We look forward to hearing from you! Fill out the contact form