Business Opportunities


Become A Mobile Bar Boss

Do you see a great fit between your town and the best vintage mobile bar truck in America?  We are looking for the right people in the right areas to do just that with the Tap Truck brand! 

Maybe you always wanted to run your own business? Here is your big chance! We can build you a custom mobile beer or wine truck, license the Tap Truck brand to you, and offer our expert advice to guide you towards becoming a mobile bar truck success. 

Do you already have a truck and need some great branding and a business name to market? Maybe you need some great catering insights or advice building portable wine and beer systems? Whatever your needs, Tap Truck LLC is here to facilitate success for your business. We have the proven recipe for ensuring an unforgettable and unique experience at any corporate event, private gathering, festival, or wedding.  

There are opportunities to be had with Tap Truck Licensing. Because we are not a beer or wine truck franchise, licensing with Tap Truck LLC allows you to build upon your own business with our logo, web marketing solutions, and 24/7 consulting. 

If you want to be part of  the growing mobile beverage industry, drop us a note before your area is snagged. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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