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    Thanks Courtney and Wide Open Country for the write up!  These Restored Vintage Trucks Can Serve Up Cold Craft Beer AnywhereBY COURTNEY GIARDINAFacebook/The Tap TruckTwo childhood friends are bringing craft beer everywhere inside a fleet of stunning vintage trucks with their new venture, Tap Tru... View Post
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    Thanks Tom for the shout!  Tap Truck delivers craft beer, other drinks in classic trucks     Tap Truck’s 1952 Chevy Panel truck with craft brew taps attracts plenty of attention. Classic trucks are fun. Classic trucks with craft brew taps? Even better. That’s the idea behind Tap T... View Post
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    A Fun Ad out of Tap Truck SD. If you're interested in hiring Tap Truck San Diego, be sure to check them out on their website today! If you're interested in hiring them, contact us too! View Post