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    Beer Systems Dialing in the Suds We all could admit our favorite beer is an ice cold one, packed with smooth flavor and a decent ABV to back it all up. What an awesome art and incredible amount of work it has taken to make that beer spot by the brewer. One of the best types of art I must say!  F... View Post
  • Tap Truck USA continues to grow!

    We have been working hard to spread the awesome experience of Tap Truck to all major parts of the greater United States. We now host nine public Tap Truck areas ready to take on the mobile beverage catering experience your guests are looking for!                 Our continued love for classic A... View Post
  • Media - Thanks

    Thanks Courtney and Wide Open Country for the write up!  These Restored Vintage Trucks Can Serve Up Cold Craft Beer AnywhereBY COURTNEY GIARDINAFacebook/The Tap TruckTwo childhood friends are bringing craft beer everywhere inside a fleet of stunning vintage trucks with their new venture, Tap Tru... View Post