Tap Truck USA Newsletter: August 2023

Tap Truck USA wass established in 2016 and has quickly emerged as one of the largest Mobile Beverage Catering Service brands in the world. Born in the always sunny and beautiful San Diego, CA.; the Tap Truck brand has expanded to over 100 locations worldwide and is steadily growing!


Awesome Truck Highlight 

Tap Truck Treasure Valley 1955 Chevy Truck


For the month of August we are thrilled to introduce our awesome truck of the month: Lucille! Lucille is a sweet 1955 Chevy Truck owned by the lovely people over at Tap Truck Treasure Valley! Lucille was a father/son project that began almost 30 years ago! She is fully equipped with five taps that are ready to rock and roll for any event!


Event of the Month Highlight

Tap Truck MidWest Serving at an awesome event


Get ready to hear about an amazing event! Tap Truck MidWest had the opportunity to serve at Open Arms of Minnesota for an employee appreciation event, and it sounded amazing!  We learned about their exciting event from our Newsletter survey last month, and we couldn't be prouder of our team! 

In their personal blog, Tap Truck Midwest wrote, “We recently had the pleasure of serving Open Arms of MN a second time for their ‘TOAST’ celebration. An event created to celebrate the amazing volunteer community supporting their nonprofit. And what a time it was!”  Nicole then explained to us, “Open Arms of MN is a nonprofit that creates medically tailored meals for those with terminal illness, had their company employee appreciation event and we had the privilege of serving those who serve others. No joke, these are people who love to serve others and have been so welcoming. By far our favorite event this far and we hope to continue to partner with them and serve them”.

Tap Truck Midwest's experience with Open Arms of MN exemplifies their commitment to serving not just beverages, but also the community. Their enthusiastic involvement in such meaningful events is truly admirable. We look forward to hearing more about their future collaborations and the positive impact they continue to make. To read more about Tap Truck MidWests’ event be sure to check out their full-length blog here! 


New Licensee Shoutouts






Branch of the Month Highlight

Tap Truck NC, Fleet of Tap Trucks


This month, we are proud to announce Tap Truck North Carolina as our branch of the month! Over the rolling hills and sandy shores are the infamous Tap Truck NC owners: Chris, Jim, Tonya, and Tim who all believe success is better shared with other people over a nice cold brew! The bond between these two couples has flourished for nearly two decades and gives the saying “never go into business with family or friends” a run for its money. Chris, Jim, Tonya, and Tim have successfully owned five businesses together, Tap Truck North Carolina being their final one. How lucky are we?! The gang explains that “In 2018, we owned Raleigh Brews Cruise (plus a couple of kid businesses… we’ve always said kids will drive you to drink). Our Raleigh Brews Cruise clients asked if we’d put kegs on the bus (no), but it got us thinking. We’re always looking for something new, found Tap Truck USA, and gave Corbin and Taylor a call”. 

The Tap Truck North Carolina team operates with five Tap Trucks: a 1946 Chevy Panel Truck (Ramona), 1954 Ford Panel Truck (Mo), 1935 all-original Ford Stakebed (Peter), 1951 Ford Panel Truck (Richie), and a 1946 Ford Panel Truck (Tully)! With five free-flowing taps on each of their trucks, Team NC is a force to be reckoned with! 

We are so honored to have Tap Truck North Carolina a part of our Tap Family! Time and time again, this branch dedicates their hearts to serving the community with the best drinks and fun around! We hope to see an announcement for an incoming sixth Tap Truck in the future! ;)

Be sure to follow Tap Truck NC on Instagram and Facebook! And if you want to learn more about this amazing team, check out our full-length blog!


Popular Tap Truck USA Social Media Post 

Tap Truck USA Popular Social Media Post

One of our focuses over the past few months is growing our Tap Truck USA Pinterest page. We have seen a lot of growth with just some simple tactics such as consistency, quality, tags, and video. Last month we published one of our reels showing a Tap Truck serving at a baby shower, but with a unique twist, the truck was filling baby bottles with beer! Although this short clip may not have as many impressions as an Instagram or Facebook platform, it did very well for Pinterest. We have noticed our Pinterest content generates much more engagement and drives traffic directly to the website! If you are interested, check out the post here! 


Popular Licensee Social Media Post 

Tap Truck San Antonio Barbie Party


What's up Barbie and Kens! Let's kick it over to this Barbie dream party in San Antonio Texas. Pinked out without a doubt, this party was tapped out! Keeping with the Barbie theme perfectly, Tap truck San Antonio poured mocktails for the kiddos, and the adults enjoyed; pink lemonade vodka, pink gin sour, rosé + blush wine!
We love to see when our Tap Truck squad perfectly rides those popular trends! Keep up the amazing content guys! Checkout the post here! 


 Tap Truck Meme


It's literally a Tap Truck. 🤓


Advice Section

Fall cocktails


As the leaves begin to turn and the air becomes crisper, the beginning of the fall season sets the stage for memorable gatherings and heartwarming celebrations. And what better way to elevate your next event than with a touch of fall magic and festive drinks! 
All of us here at Tap Truck USA are ready to craft a beverage experience that embraces the season’s flavors and spirits! If you’re looking to spice up your next fall gathering, here are a few of our favorite drinks that are sure to perfectly capture the essence of the season at your next event!

Harvest Punch

  • What you’ll need: 2 apples, 1 gallon of apple cider, 2 12oz bottles of ginger beer, 6 cups of ice, 1 bottle of sparkling wine, 1 cup of vodka.
  • Stir well, and enjoy thoroughly! 
Caramel Apple Sangria 
      • What you’ll need: 2 large Granny Smith apples thinly sliced, 2 large Honeycrisp apples thinly sliced, cranberries, 1 bushel of rosemary for garnish, ¼ cup caramel syrup, 2 tsp of ground cinnamon, ¼ cup granulated sugar, 5 cups of apple cider, 1 bottle of white wine, 1 cup caramel vodka.
      • Whisk until combined, and delight in each sip!

      Pumpkin spice Moscow mules 

      • 1 tbsp pumpkin butter, 2 oz vanilla Vodka (you can use vanilla vodka or plain vodka. Vanilla will add more flavor but also result in a sweeter drink), 4 oz Ginger beer (Fever Tree ginger beer for a seasonal spice flavor), Spices: pumpkin pie spice, 1 ½ lime
      • Combine delicately, and indulge in the taste sensation! 
      Whether it’s a cozy wedding reception or a lively corporate gathering, we hope you enjoy these spiced concoctions that will leave your guests sipping for more! 

      Tap Truck USA Growth Update

      Tap Truck Logo over USA map

      We are eager to share with you all the friendly happenings here at Tap Truck USA. Firstly, we want to highlight our successful owners meeting this past month. If you missed it, don't fret! We encourage you to check it out and mark your calendars for the upcoming meeting in September. Once more, we'd like to extend a warm welcome to our new licensees in Tap Truck SWV, Tap Truck LBI, and Tap Truck 540. We are incredibly excited and can't wait to witness the success and growth they will undoubtedly bring to the Tap Truck family! Lastly, we are transitioning into our Fall and Holiday campaigns, keep a lookout at our socials for some fun and festive posts and designs. We hope you've enjoyed reading our newsletter this month and kindly ask you to fill out our survey to be featured next month. Stay classy, stay informed, and keep on truckin' Tap Truck Team!

      Cheers! 🍻