Tap Truck USA Newsletter: July 2023

Tap Truck USA was established in 2016 and has quickly emerged as one of the largest Mobile Beverage Catering Service brands in the world. Born in the always sunny and beautiful San Diego, CA.; the Tap Truck brand has expanded to over 100 locations worldwide and is steadily growing!


Awesome Truck Highlight 

Folks we are thrilled to present our “Truck of the Month” feature, and this time, we have a real gem from Tap Truck Calgary all the way out in Canada! Meet the star of the show, a stunning 1949 Patina Chevy Tap Truck that has captured hearts and turned heads wherever she goes. Tyrell and Lindsay Sinclair are the proud owners of this beauty and together they rock timeless elegance and an unmistakable vintage charm!


Event of the Month Highlight 



For this month's event of the month section, we are throwing it over to Makayla De Jong with Tap Truck North Georgia! We learned from last month’s survey that they had a great opportunity to serve at a company's 40th-anniversary celebration! Here is what Makayla had to say about this awesome event!

“In June Tap Truck North Georgia received the opportunity to celebrate with the team at LAI lighting for their 40th anniversary. LAI provides unique lighting options for the construction and design community. We partnered with Honeybee Events, Moving Target ATL, and several unique food trucks to make this day special for a very deserving team. Rosie, our 1962 VW bus got all dressed up with a team-colored balloon arch. She served up Michelob  Ultra, Miller Light, Georgia-made Sweetwater 420, and Stella Artois. Fun fact and tip for those not as seasoned in this industry like myself. Stella Artois takes a European coupler or it will not pour. Thankfully this event was near a brewery supply store so we were able to get that and add it to our ever-growing toolbox. You grow and learn new things every day in this industry. I was not expecting this group of mostly blue-collar men to like a pink and white bus, but they were captivated by Rosie's charm, and her ability to serve ice-cold beer on a hot muggy day”.

We are always eager to learn about our Tap Family's adventures and the different events they have been a part of! From weddings and corporate events to birthday celebrations and festivals, we want to hear it all! So don't hesitate to share your favorite events with us! We simply can't wait to hear more about them and celebrate the good times with you.


New Licensee Shoutouts


We are absolutely thrilled to announce our extraordinary new licensees! Words cannot express the privilege and joy we feel in welcoming these incredible individuals. We eagerly await all of the extraordinary events and accomplishments each licensee with achieve! Welcome to the Tap Team!!   


Branch of the Month Highlight

We are proud to showcase Tap Truck Austin as our branch of the month! Owners Taylor Nave and Ronnie Calderon have wholeheartedly embraced their Texas roots and their passion for craft beverages, spreading joy and exceptional service all throughout Austin. Taylor and Ronnie combined their love for happy hour after work and passion for beer, making them the proud owners of a sleek-lookin’ baby blue & white 1959 Ford F-100 named ‘Willie Nelson’. 

They are currently in the works of expanding their Austin empire, on the hunt for a second Tap Truck to captivate the entire city! Tap Truck Austin truly lives up to the phrase “Everything’s Bigger in Texas”, we are so lucky to have Taylor and Ronnie representing the Tap Truck name! This dynamic duo is bound for greatness, we are so stoked to see what you guys have in store! 

To learn more about Taylor and Ronnie's Tap Truck Austin adventures, read the full-length feature on this great team! 


Popular Tap Truck USA Social Media Post 


This post featuring the 1946 Two Tone Panel Truck from Tap Truck Oklahoma City was a hit on both our Facebook and Instagram pages. The vintage charm of this Tap Truck captured the attention of our followers, who appreciated its unique character. We would like to give a shout-out to the owner and location of this amazing Tap Truck - Tap Truck Oklahoma City! If you haven’t seen this stellar post yet, check it out below! 

If you want to check out this post click here, or the button below!


Popular Licensee Social Media Post 

We're thrilled to showcase the outstanding work of Tap Truck Fort Collins. They recently released an amazing video that truly captures the spirit of their mobile bar service and Tap Truck as a whole! Professionally produced by Manifest Filmworks, this video came out to an awesome 2 minutes! The creativity and passion they've poured into creating this content is nothing short of inspiring. 

The video not only highlights their exceptional service but also sets a high standard for what we, as a community, can achieve in terms of business promotion and customer engagement. It's a powerful reminder of the impact of well-crafted content.

Join us in congratulating Tap Truck Fort Collins on their excellent work! Let their achievement inspire us all to strive for excellence in our endeavors. Keep up the great work, team!


If you haven’t seen the video be sure to go check it out and show some love! We’ll link to the video here.


There are too many good beers in the world to have to make this choice!


Advice Section

In this month's advice section, we're focusing on a key tool that can help elevate your business and enhance your online presence: Canva!


How Canva can boost your social media game! 

If you missed the owners meeting in July, you missed a great segment on the Canva platform! Canva is a powerful and user-friendly graphic design tool that can revolutionize your social media game. With an extremely user-friendly interface, you can design anything from beautiful Instagram posts to engaging Facebook ads, all without any design experience. Canva offers a vast library of customizable templates for every social media platform, along with thousands of free images and graphics to enhance your designs. The platform also provides features like photo filters, text enhancements, and amazing icons. It's perfect for creating captivating visuals that will capture the attention of your audience and elevate your brand's online presence. Whether you're a graphic design pro, or brand new to this space, Canva can help you create professional-quality graphics with ease! As you get started improving your social media game, we also want to encourage our Tap Truck Family to check out the Canva materials we have made available to everyone. Can't wait to see all of your amazing posts!

 We hope that our readers find this content useful and look forward to sharing more insights and knowledge in the future!


Tap Truck USA Growth Update

We’re excited as ever to bring you the most recent updates from Tap Truck USA! In Case you missed our latest owners meeting, we discussed some amazing updates for our licensees! We encourage you to catch up on these details by checking out the recording of the meeting!

Thank you to everyone for a wonderful month, we want to remind you of the wonderful opportunity to be featured in our next issue. If you're interested, don't forget to fill out the survey. Your input and experiences are incredibly valuable to us. We also welcome your thoughts on this edition, your feedback helps us make each issue better than the last. Until next month,

Cheers! 🍻