Tap Truck Austin - Branch of the Month

Welcome to our “Branch of the Month” blog series, where we shine a spotlight on one of our many incredible Tap Truck USA branches that are making a significant impact in their local communities. In this edition, we are thrilled to feature Tap Truck Austin and showcase their exceptional dedication to providing unforgettable beverage experiences! 

With great Texas pride, owners Taylor Nave and Ronnie Calderon have been serving up craft beverages and spreading joy since the beginning. With their passion for quality drinks and commitment to exceptional service, they have quickly become a beloved fixture in the Austin event scene. From weddings and corporate gatherings to music festivals and community celebrations, Tap Truck Austin has been raising the bar (quite literally!) when it comes to mobile beverage catering.

Taylor and Ronnie stumbled upon Tap Truck USA through pure luck as one day they pondered “Why does an adult ‘ice cream truck’ with wine not exist?”. This promptly led to a quick Google search where they found Tap Truck USA and embarked on their beer truck journey! Taylor and Ronnie combined their love for happy hour after work and passion for beer, making them the proud owners of a sleek-lookin’ baby blue & white 1959 Ford F-100 named ‘Willie Nelson’. Just like the real Willie, this duo is always ‘On the Road Again’ serving all over Austin, Westlake, Sunset Valley, and BeeCave. They even venture further to Buda, Kyle, San Marcos, Dale, Lockhart, and anywhere else their services are needed! 



Tap Truck Austin is made from pure Texan blood as both Taylor and Ronnie are original residents of the state. Although moving to Austin seven years ago, they state that “We can firmly say Austin is one of the best in the entire country. Getting the opportunity to contribute to this city that we love so much is a dream”!

Tap Truck Austin is passionate about making each person’s event unique to them and their celebration. Ronnie and Taylor are two incredibly creative individuals that have a keen eye for details and design. They live by the motto ‘Head Towards Good Times’ and take into consideration every aspect, from the beer all the way down to the bar top color, to ensure that every crucial element of an event is met and blends seamlessly. By creating their own image for each celebration separately, they take into account factors such as the type of event, time of year, theme, colors, and more, to provide every customer with their own unique, one-of-a-kind experience! They take great pride in making every individual feel cherished and state that “having a beautiful drink space at our events is so important to us because the bar is usually the center point for any event. We always want it to look aesthetically amazing, be fun, and bring the wow factor for guests to discuss later on!”.

Taylor and Ronnie love the whole feel of every Tap Truck event as “lots of people are surprised to see something like this, and immediately fall in love with not only the truck but the ambiance we set”. They love working with all types of celebrations but attest that due to Austin’s fast-paced city lifestyle, they have a soft spot for corporate gatherings as it allows them to “bring the party to let these teams that make up our city let loose for a bit and have some fun”! Being in a city where every corner tells a story, Tap Truck Austin has loved working with amazing venues that range from upscale resorts to hole-in-the-wall locations. When asking them if they had any venues they hoped to work with one day their response was, “Honestly, a better question would be what venues don’t we want to work with? The answer is none”! Taylor and Ronnie have served all over Austin, getting to pour for events in Fair Market, The Hyatt Los Pines Resort, and even a private Anderson Paak concert at the world-famous Stubbs BBQ! That is life in the Music Capital at its finest folks.

With so many great breweries nearby, Tap Truck Austin has a plethora of options for their customers selecting beverages for their six free-flowing taps. Some of their recent favorites in the rotation have been Austin Beerworks, Thirsty Planet Brewing Co., and Pinthouse Brewing, joking that “every Austintine loves a cold Electric Jellyfish, if you know you know”. Along with some of the best cold brews on tap, Tap Truck Austin works with many wineries and cideries to cover everybody’s unique drink of choice, such as Austin Eastciders, The Austin Winery, Water 2 Wine Buda, and wines from the Napa Valley of Texas: Fredericksburg.



Tap Truck Austin brings on the Texas heat and tequila treats, pouring the spirit of the Lone Star State, one shot at a time! They love working with local distilleries and pour their favorite bourbon from Still Austin Whiskey Co. and tequila from Dulce Vida Spirits! Surrounded by phenomenal distilleries such as Deep Eddy and Titos, Taylor and Ronnie are sure to never run out of liquor options!

Tap Truck Austin holds a special place in the heart of this vibrant city. As the Live Music Capital of the world and a hub for creativity and innovation, Austin thrives on celebrating individuality and embracing all things unique. In this dynamic landscape, Tap Truck Austin stands out as an embodiment of the city’s spirit, offering a truly memorable and refreshing experience. Its distinctive Tap Truck and passionate team reflect the essence of Austin: creative, spirited, and community-focused. As Tap Truck Austin continues to pour joy, create connections, and contribute to the local scene, Taylor and Ronnie’s importance in the fabric of Austin’s culture and event landscape cannot be overstated.

This powerhouse team is all around perfection and states that they feel so lucky to have “had the chance to work for clients and events that we never would have imagined crossing paths with, and it continues to be amazing”. Ever since their journey began with Tap Truck USA in 2021, Ronnie and Taylor continuously push the boundaries and aim for high achievements. They are currently in the works of getting a second Tap Truck and finding a good solution for an indoor bar to beat the strong Texas heat!



So, join us as we raise a glass, Texas style, to Tap Truck Austin, a branch that we are proud of and honored to have as a part of our Tap Truck USA family! Ronnie and Taylor’s hard work and amazing service is truly an inspiration to all of us here at Team USA, we are so glad to have these two representing out in Austin where the skyline shines as bright as the spirit within!

Stay tuned to Tap Truck Austin’s journey through the triumphs, stories, and unique services on their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Be sure to book with Taylor and Ronnie if you’re in the Austin, Texas area to have the one and only ‘Willie Nelson’ pouring six crafted beverages straight from the tap!

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Until next time, Cheers!