Tap Truck’s Favorite Breweries and Wineries Across the Globe

The wine industry is widely known for growing all the time due to the high demand, but at the same time it’s also bringing in great innovation. They are integrating numerous technologies, while still relying on the old school brewing methods. There are some amazing breweries and wineries all over the world that really stand out of the crowd when it comes to design, techniques they use and the overall quality of their products.

Bodegas Ysios https://www.bodegasysios.com/en 

This Spanish winery stands out with its amazing design and high quality wines. The architecture mimics a mountain found in the back of the winery, and at the same time they are growing a multitude of amazing grape types. The clay-limestone earth has extraordinary capabilities that really help push the experience to new heights. It’s a great winery and certainly one of our favorites.

Antinori Winery https://www.antinori.it/en/wines/

You can find this winery in Florence and you will be impressed with their curving, organic staircase. The design is very appealing, but the wines they create here are just as good. It’s the perfect blend of imagination, creativity and hard work, all of which translates into extraordinary products.

Cacao Prieto https://www.cacaoprieto.com/

Cacao Prieto is both a chocolate maker and a liquor distillery. The old building hides a very high standard, yet stylish interior. They rely on a variety of brewing methods, including some old school ones. If you are very passionate about great liquor and amazing chocolate, they are well worth a visit.

Monkey 47 https://monkey47.com

Monkey 47 is one of our favorites because they have an amazing brewing system that will impress everyone right from the start. The high quality equipment they use is extraordinary, and it’s visually impressive too. There’s a reason why they have a very popular distillery tour in the first place.

Roadhouse Brewing Co https://roadhousebrewery.com/

The Roadhouse Brewing company has a lot going for it. They have some extraordinary beer brewing systems, and the beer they provide here is one of the best on the market. Plus, you get to visit the brewery and see how it’s all made, which is maybe the most exciting part of the entire experience.

Weingut Högl https://www.weingut-hoegl.at/

Weingut Högl has some innovative architects and they added some thin wooden slats to the façade in order to bring in a very distinct visual appeal. On top of that, this Austrian wine producer is located within the mountains, so there are some incredible vistas in there as well.

Our mobile bar business is always excited about the idea of bringing outstanding, high quality drinks to its clients. Throughout the years, we’ve worked with many breweries and always tried to showcase the best quality drinks on the market. Based on our research, these are by far some of the most interesting breweries and distilleries on the market. They really stand out of the crowd, they provide a whole lot of value, and the quality they provide is certainly second to none. If you have the opportunity, check them out and you will not be disappointed!