Your Hometown Tap Truck! Serving Up the Local Crafts of the County

As Tap Truck has grown so much as a brand from its roots of major cities starting in San Diego then Raleigh, Charleston, and Atlanta, the greatest part is that personal touch at each and every event. 
The great American craftsmanship of each hot rod, turned beer truck shows. Seriously each truck, driveline, suspension and just flat our engineering behind it has a different feel to it. When heading down the road you can almost feel the personality of each 60, 70, 80, 90 year old ride speaking to you, and showing you its version of the road. Imagine loading it down with a few more beers and feel how it drives! 
Much like every truck has these stories to tell, so does all the fluid that flows through it. We adore the hard work of a small business that goes into it. Especially as each Tap Truck location you see it jus that. A hard working small business owner!  Each and every kombucha, cidery, and brewery is carrying that American pride of craftsmanship to turn prized beverages. From the smaller Tap Truck areas we are based like in Newnan, Georgia where we have met Abide Brewery, to Franklin Tennessee with Cool Springs Brewery, we wish to show our support and give them a well deserved shout.
 Tap Truck is all about a quality classics serving up the quality crafts within our hometowns. We are not the Budweiser truck, or the Coors lite truck, we almost hate to even name drop but we appreciate the focus of local craft beers. So as couples inquire about weddings, as planners toss us a note for corporate gigs, we enjoy steering the client toward our favorite crafts. We know that Tap Truck Charleston enjoys serving with Kings Calling in Charleston, South Carolina. So these named breweries and so many more have great blondes, pilsners, IPAs, that can have a comparable flavor profile to a name brand beer. They just will have that extra touch of flavor. Maybe this is why breweries have been sweeping across America at such a great rate! Tap Truck is just that final piece every community needs! A fresh bar beverage transported to every event! 
We here at Tap Truck would like to know your favorite hometown beverages. Toss us a note!