Tap Truck COVID-19 - Mobile Bar Growth in a Pandemic

As our nation has dealt with the changes physically and economically  with COVID-19,  it has impacted the mobile event industry as well.

Tap truck was able to grow during the COVID-19 pandemic. This mobile bar was serving cider from one of the six beer taps.

Where can I find  a mobile bar, 2021? 

Mobile Bars  and Tap Trucks are tailored toward outdoor weddings. Finding a mobile bar is as easy as getting a formal quote with a Tap Truck that arrives in style as well as ready to serve within 30 minutes.  So keeping guests safe is  the  priority with exposure at a minimum. As Tap Track  can fit  in doors we have seen more and more weddings being set out doors. This can be barns, say the Monday club, elks lodge, all of these types of event places with great parking on an estate. More often than not you even see outdoor tents being able to be constructed in case the weather shifts, Not so much an issue in Los Angeles and San Diego. 

Today's Restaurant or public establishment usually brings covid amenities. These items and lists can also come with bartenders on the go! Corona Virus has us all wearing masks, in order to limit exposure. Decreasing the spread so it is more of basic function now in all gatherings. Out of  respect adhering to these specifics should be done for respect in others health.  On the bar we enjoy providing hand sanitizer at locations like Arizona, New York as well as many of our other locations. Upon request Tap Truck can use gloves in addition when pouring and making drinks. Just let us know if you have  specifics!

We love our environment, but if there is one more footnote with Corona, we have been willing to use more plastic disposable ware. If you find yourself refiling more drinks, that can lead to more cross contamination. We would rather make sure we fill a fresh cup and hand  you that versus grabbing your glassware, filling  with our bartender's hand next to all materials, then handing your glass back to you. This just creates more room for error so we prefer to keep items clean and straight forward versus cross contamination.

How can Covid impact a wedding? 

With an outdoor event, exposure is lowered significantly according to studies. The virus is not as suited to the simple spread of being indoors. So  your guests can be more safe outdoors. What if my venue gets cold as night? Well a lot of heaters can be planted to help warm up the atmosphere. But drinks can also help keep the blood pumping, so having a polished bartender can keep things safe and lively will be a great experience. When it comes down to things, smart spacious safety is at the forefront. An event planner can have the space mapped out so that things are comfortable for guests to gather. People being conscious of themselves and others is important, and this begins with all wearing masks when not safely seated.

Where to find coronavirus friendly vendors?

Finding Covid virus should be pretty easy as long as they answer their inquiries in a timely manner. Simple requests as the ones listed above, and or more for a corporate environment should be easy to cope with. You are the client booking a mobile bar, so you let us know the way you would like to work with a company. This should be the standard to make sure you are on the same page with the mobile company. 

We look forward to serving many more events with the same polish time and time again!