Top 5 Carbonated Drinks at your Next Party

Helping you create a popular menu here in the states. The Great American carbonated bar list. 

Oh no! I’m at the store, what beers do I pick up? Well you might not need as much beer these days. Here is our list of popular fizzy drinks we find popular at a lot of our events. 

6) Stella Artois -

A Belgian pilsner that is smooth and classy. This beer is a solid quality that everyone recognizes here in the states. That green bottle pops out with the white label and hat. A solid smooth taste for all to share. 


5) Coors light -

Life is all good when the mountains are blue! We love to call it the banquet beer. Coors is so drinkable and found in any gas station across America. Coors always seems to keep folks happy and is the biggest beer brand we see ordered up through Tap Truck events besides the craft beer favorites. 

4) Hard Seltzer - White Claw

This stuff is like wildfire the past few years. Its popularity has spread across the states being carried around by the variety pack. White Claw has taken over the hard seltzer category, but quite a few companies are venturing into this world. It is very easy to produce along with the low carbs, sugars and gluten free bonus keeps its popularity growing.

3) Prosecco / champagne - La Marca Prosecco
Who doesn’t love some bubbles!?  And the best part when properly serving up some mimosas of orange juice and cranberry juice you can set a lovely flavor. La Marca is a brand that can be found in all major stores across the US. Its smooth flavor is a real treat at the next party and prosecco carries a little sweeter profile then champagne. 

2) Mexican Lager - Modelo

Believe it or not we get the question a bit: What is a Mexican lager? This is usually because we tend to serve local craft beers.  So, the easiest way to explain a what a Mexican lager is by names: Corona, Modelo, Pacifico, Dos Equis, tecate, Sol, Victoria. 

Mexican lagers carry an easy-going taste and are the type of beverage you can enjoy especially on a hot day. 

1) IPA - Sculpin, Stone, Racer 5
Today’s world of Indian Pale Ales is insane. The flavors and variety’s along with the bitter hops allowing for doubles and triples to be smooth with a high abv is liquid magic.  The selection is nuts and now we have seen the world go hazy with unfiltered for even more potent flavors.  
Not everyone is an IPA drinker. Truly we understand because it is not our top choice either, but when it comes to the amount of beer that has gone across our bar IPA's have the competition beat. 


The most famous Ipas we have seen around are:

Sculpin - Ballast Point

60 Minute IPA - Dogfish Head

Stone IPA - Stone Brewing

West Coast IPA - Green Flash Brewing

Racer 5 IPA - Bear Republic

Lil’ Sumpin Wild - Lagunitas

All Day IPA - Founders Brewing