The Perfect Pour

How do I pour a perfect beer?

It might be safe to say we have all found ourselves with a pile of foam in a cup while creating a sticky beer puddle.   What happened!? How did the life of my beer come to this?! No worries, we have all been there and done that.  So, grab a bar rag and hopefully no one cares too much about the carpet that just got spilled on.

Here are some easy tips we compiled to help you develop a polished pour for any occasion:

1) Cold beer
Always served best refreshing and chilled after all.   Naturally this appeals to our taste buds that we are spoiled with. When you factor in the weather, nothing could be better on a hot day than a frosty cold one. If the beer is cold it is less likely to foam when pouring into the glass.   This is true from serving via a can or bottles to beer systems.

2) Ware
There is a big difference from glassware to a plastic cup.  How the beer reacts to this as well as the temperature of the ware affects its pour.   A chilled glass is ideal.  Often times you see a glass rinsed to express flavors of the beer in its purest form which is seen in breweries.

3) Pour in the same spot

When opening the tap or pouring the bottle.  Having the cold beer hit the same spot of the glass helps cool that area which makes less foam as beer continues to hit there.  Basically, having the bottle or tap touch the part of the glass it is filling creates the smoothest beer.  

4) Pour close 
Fill up that cup! As we get excited some tend to pull the cup away from the pour making a waterfall affect. Folks even start pouring with a waterfall affect. This can stir up the beer and create more foam. Basically, the carbonation is what reacts with such excitement.  The art is you can always do this at the end (create the waterfall) to build a perfect head in the affect the beer was super smooth. The closer the pour, foamy it shall come out.

We hope our hints were helpful.   Keep filling up the cup! 

The perfect pour starts with the right angle and delicious beer.

Every drop counts when you're pouring the most delicious beer.