Tap Truck: Your Ultimate Corporate Event Partner

Ice-cold kegs, crafted cocktails, CO2, jockey boxes, ice, and more ice! These are just some of the essential ingredients that allow Tap Truck to turn any occasion into an unforgettable experience, especially for corporate events. Join Corbin, and ‘Bae’ our 1952 Tap Truck as they take on a lively corporate event and delve into all that goes on behind the scenes of a running Tap Truck event!

Every epic event starts with a solid plan, and that's precisely where Tap Truck services begins its journey for your corporate event! Starting the day at our shop, we load up Tap Truck with delicious beer, meticulously crafted cocktails, and refreshing wines. To ensure our drinks remain perfectly chilled throughout your event, we stock copious amounts of ice in our coolers and jockey boxes. We also set up our portable bar in the truck, ensuring a seamless serving experience for your guests. Along with essential supplies like napkins, straws, beer cups, towels, sodas, and water, we are fully equipped to cater to a variety of libations. With everything in place and addresses double-checked, we hit the road ready to elevate your event experience!

San Diego usually compliments our Tap Truck services travels, but today, a light drizzle coated the windshield as Corbin cruised up the freeway! With not too long of a drive it was the perfect opportunity to talk about the history of Tap Truck and Bae’s (1952 Chevy’s) specs! Minutes later we arrived at the event location. Met with a big smile from our friend Carlos, the facility manager, he directed us to the perfect location for us to set our Tap Truck up! From there we got right to work constructing our bar, unloading our sodas & water, chilling the wines, and getting the bar decor set. With that we were ready for the fun part: Tapping the Beer & cocktails! Climbing into the back of Bae, Corbin connected the couplers to the kegs and cranked on the CO2! As the CO2 filled the kegs with pressure we got our tap handles connected to the side of the truck and got ready for the perfect first pour. Speaking of pours, on tap we had;

IPA: Daybreak West Coast IPA from Gravity Heights Brewing 

Pilsner:  Dr. Billheimers Magic Pilsner from Ketch Brewing 

Mexican Lager: Compadre Mexican Lager from Resident Brewing Co. 

Mai Tai: Housemade!!

Margarita:  Housemade!!

With our kegs ready to pour we give the beverages a final taste test, ‘Yep’ those drinks are cold and pouring amazing, said Corbin! With that approval, the Tap Truck was ready to rock and roll into this event, putting the question of "Can I hire a beer truck for my event" to rest! 

The party kicked into high gear as the taps began to flow with frosty perfection and mariachi music filled the atmosphere. It was truly a symphony of deliciousness as the taco caterer dished out some amazing San Diego Mexican cuisine, the perfect partner to our ice-cold beers. As Corbin continued to pour brews and cocktails he made some new friends and was cracking jokes with everyone. 

The laughter and good times flowed freely until the music started to fade and the event came to a close. It was time to pack everything away and say goodbyes. Another successful Tap Truck event was in the books. 

If you would like to turn an average event into an unforgettable celebration connect with us today! We have the perfect experience your guests will never forget!