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Looking to serve wine or beer at your event? Want a crisp clean-cut truck to serve it from? Then let us handle your bar needs so you can enjoy the party. This vintage beer truck can provide custom cocktails as well as cold brew coffee. Kombucha has also been a fan favorite for weddings as well as corporate events.

 Tap Truck delivers craft beer, other drinks in classic trucks

Tap Truck's 1952 Chevy Panel truck with craft brew taps attracts plenty of attention. This mobile bar can service from San Diego to New England. We also love providing our mobile beverage services for festivals and events all over in places such as New Orleans.
Tap Truck’s 1952 Chevy Panel truck with craft brew taps attracts plenty of attention.

Classic trucks are fun.

Classic trucks with craft brew taps? Even better.

That’s the idea behind Tap Truck, a full-service beverage company started by two longtime best friends in San Luis Obispo, Calif.

Corbin O’Reilly and Taylor Steers restore trucks and customize them for beverage services, which includes fitting these classics with kegerators and beer taps.

Their fleet line-up includes a 1969 Chevy C10, 1952 Chevy panel truck, 1965 Chevy panel truck and 1957 Chevy Apache 3100. (See photos below).

Descriptions are included for each vehicle at Tap Truck’s website. Here’s the write-up for their blue 1965 Chevy panel truck: “This bossy lady doesn’t mess around. ‘Ole Blue’ as we call her is one impressive truck. Her shoes (rally wheels) sparkle just like the proud taps that grace her broad side. She serves it cold, she brings the party.”

These polished up vintage trucks are ready for weddings, sports events or any gathering where people want beer, wine, champagne, lemonade, iced tea, infused water, coffee, canned sodas, etc.

Tap Truck is fully licensed to serve and provides a bartender for each service package for insurance and safety purposes.

O’Reilly and Steers are continuing to add trucks to their fleet and are offering licensed franchise opportunities.