A Fantastic Mobile Catered Wedding in Southern California

It is no secret that mobile catering has exploded in the last 10 years and rightfully so! A gourmet food truck takes its place in offering some of the best food available at a festival, a roadside, or an event called your wedding! Who can resist the idea of something fresh and unique, not to mention the vibe and pictures that will bring lasting memories of your big day!

I have the good fortune of living in the Southern California climate and working with two amazing mobile catering services. I am here to go full speed into an article about how you can “Tap” into a “Dang” great Southern California wedding with Dang Brother Pizza and Tap Truck San Diego!

Dang Brother Pizza – 

This amazing San Diego catering company brings delicious, hand tossed, Neapolitan, wood fired pizza right to your event. The experience will leave your wedding guests with a lasting impression like no other! You can count on the delicious ingredients coming together right before your eyes as the fresh dough is tossed, topped, and fired right in front of you! There is an even better side to this as it happens lightning fast at the rear of a converted vintage firetruck! Picture a selection of custom pizza types and freshly tossed salads that your guests get to enjoy their fill of in something like a dinner and a show buffet! They even have Gluten Free Crusts and Vegan/Vegetarian offerings so everyone can enjoy! What is better than a fire truck making hot, juicy pizza? Craft Beer poured out of a vintage vehicle!

Tap Truck San Diego – 

This is a San Diego based mobile beverage company that has Tap Truck USA licensees across the country! Imagine a beautifully restored vehicle pulling up to your event with taps of golden nectar at the ready! Is there a better way to celebrate an event? Yes! Add on some bubbly champagne, a variety of wine, specialty cocktails, a fruity Sangria, or any other type of refreshing beverage you can imagine!  Tap Truck San Diego teams up with a dazzling array of craft beer makers in Southern California! You can order taps filled with an aromatic West Coast IPA, a cloudy and Hazy IPA, a pale Mexican Lager, a magic, hop forward Pilsner, a dark creamy Stout or even a Hard Cider. Tap Truck San Diego can also dedicate a tap to a custom mixed beverage hand made in one or our special kegs. 

Imagine the delight of your guests coming to a beautiful wedding and enjoying the best of San Diego Catering! Although Dang Brother Pizza and Tap Truck San Diego can be booked as a standalone, they have teamed up at many wedding venues to create the ultimate wedding adventure! 

I hope this information has inspired you to look at the Mobile Catering possibilities in San Diego or wherever you live!  I can’t leave without a shoutout to a few of our favorite wedding venues in the San Diego area! The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, The River Garden in San Marcos, Milagro Winery in Ramona, The Pannikin Building in Downtown San Diego, and Sacred Mountain in Julian.

Miss Jody Drew (Catering & Sales Tap Truck San Diego)