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As a licensee of Tap Truck USA, you have exclusive access to our members only ‘CONTENT FOLDER’ – filled with invaluable resources and knowledge of our story to kickstart your business venture.

What's Inside? 

  • Tap Truck Licensee Group
    • Access to this folder is only for licensees within the Tap Truck brand. This platform allows Tap Truck licensee’s to communicate and contribute their successful business findings to be shared.
  • A written Copy of the original Tap Truck SD success story!
    • Learn how we were able to build a successful mobile bar business and capture our local market.
  • Brand Support - We are the largest and fastest growing mobile
           bar brand in the world, let our brand work for you!
    • We enjoy sponsoring a hosted and built website for your Tap Truck business!
  • Digital Brand Material
    • Samples of marketing materials we have used and are backed with marketing data. With these, you can build off of, and choose to use them in your own business.
    • Our websites are built in the best way possible for engagement based on web traction on viewer clicks.
    • Inbound and outbound SEO analytics.
    • Metrics and data are documented from social posts in regard to advertising campaigns
    • Social media options - information on the different social media platforms that have directed to leads and potential business.
    • Storied example of effective posts that are gagged on metrics of interaction with viewers.
  • Sales Material
    • Access to our outbound sales material /story.
    • A plethora of Tap Truck Photo/Video content ready to establish your brand as pictures provided!
  • Alcohol/Liquor Licencing (ABC/ATC Licence)
    • Access to our experience and knowledge on gaining licensing across a number of states and regions through a number our Licensee’s stories.
  • Truck Builds
    • Our Stories on different Tap Truck Fleet vehicles.
    • Designing your own Tap Truck.
    • Our Safety and instruction notes you can apply to your Tap Truck.
  • Beer and Beverage Systems
    • Different storied installation, Set-up & Breakdown. This includes videos and pictures.
    • Maintenance.
    • Safety & Health.
  • Examples of successful partnerships with;
    • Breweries
    • Cideries
    • Wineries
    • Meaderies
    • Distilleries
    • Distributors
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Here at Tap Truck USA, we are honored to be able to provide our licensees with immense value through branding. As a company we are always working hard to deliver the maximum benefits to each one of our licensees. We have developed a strong culture, full of innovation and entrepreneurial success through our story. We hope to instill this same spirit and drive into each of our members as they build their own business.