Hot Chocolate Truck For Winter Time Drinks

Ah, those chilly autumn and winter nights are upon us. And we get it, there is nothing like pouring a warm cup of hot cocoa or cider to take the edge off the cold. Each year when the days get shorter and the nights get colder we get the questions, ‘Do I need to find a hot chocolate food truck? Or  can your Tap Trucks serve hot chocolate or hot cider?’ The answer is, Yes! Our Tap Trucks can most definitely serve hot chocolate, cider, and your favorite cold weather refreshments!

Throughout our years in top-tier mobile bar service we are more than used to bringing the drinks and the party to events of all kinds. Our Tap Trucks are seasoned in pouring those ice-cold delicious beverages. But when it came to serving hot beverages, we wanted to stay true to our name and have them on tap. And that’s just what we did!

Tapping That Molten Magic

As we said our Tap Truck fleet are true veterans in tapping those cold frosty brews or pouring an icy cold margarita. But for a hot beverage to be possible we needed to flip the script on our unique Tap Truck beer system. Once we brew the toasty liquid magic, we then put it in a unique ‘Corny Keg’. This keg along with our heating system will ensure that the hot chocolate, cider, or other warm holiday beverage stays hot all night long!

Another factor is pressurizing our kegs with nitrogen gas instead of carbon dioxide. Nobody wants a carbonated hot chocolate or cider, but when we switch to nitrogen gas, it allows us the same pressure to let the toasty elixir flow freely from our taps, without the bubbles!

Things we Consider 

Although it may sound like a simple flip going from cold to hot, there are actually a lot of new factors to consider when doing so.

At Tap Truck USA we are very conscious of the health of our clients and guests. We are always making sure that our beer system is in tip-top shape, and always clean. When switching to pouring hot liquids from our taps, this is even more important to pay attention to. We like to use new beer lines and clean them extra well after use. The same goes for the kegs that we use. We take pride in providing a safe service that you and all your guests can trust and enjoy!

Another thing that we consider is flavor! As you previously read we switch up the gas used when it comes to tapping a hot beverage. This ensures that you are not drinking a carbonated hot chocolate or cider, but also preserves the amazing flavor of the drink!

Lastly, we are always testing what we pour to ensure that the temperature remains at the proper level. So no matter if you come to grab a cozy hot chocolate at the beginning of the evening or the end of the night you will still get that perfectly warm refreshment.

Making it Fun!

Yes, hot chocolate and cider on a chilly winter night are awesome in themselves. But at Tap Truck USA, we are always trying to elevate the experience. That could mean having our show-room level truck dressed up in all the decorations for the holiday or event! Whether it’s a spooky Halloween themed party, or a jolly Christmas event our Tap Trucks can fit the season, and will always look amazing.

Another fun thing is garnishing. Garnishing your hot chocolate or cider is a great way to show your holiday cheer! Not only does it make your drink look festive, but it also provides a fun way to customize your beverage. Some favorites include mini marshmallows, crushed peppermint, cinnamon sticks, whipped cream, and candy canes. There are lots of different ways to garnish your drink, so feel free to experiment and find the combination that you like best. Just remember to be creative and have fun with it!

Some of the Favorites!  

Here at Tap Truck USA, we love serving all kinds of liquid refreshments! Here are a few of the favorite hot chocolate brands, cider brands, and others.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company: Ghirardelli's Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix is made with rich, dark chocolate that gives it a delicious chocolate flavor. It's also blended with real milk chocolate and cocoa powder to give it an even richer taste. This mix is perfect for those who love the taste of chocolate and want to enjoy a delicious cup of hot cocoa. No wonder it's a favorite.

Swiss Miss: Swiss Miss marshmallow hot chocolate: Always a requested hot chocolate. With one sip you will be transported back to your childhood, enjoying the creaminess and sweet milk chocolate taste Swiss Miss is known for.

Hershey’s: The chocolate company we all know and love, it’s no wonder they also make amazing hot chocolate! Hershey’s Hot Chocolate is a great hot chocolate that packs that iconic Hershey’s taste in each sip. Toss some marshmallows in with this, and enjoy!

Alpine Spiced Apple Cider: When it comes to hot cider, Alpine Spiced Apple Cider is always a top request. A perfect blend of cinnamon, spices, and apple flavor, this cozy drink will keep you warm all night long!

Cafe Delight Spiced Apple cider: Mulled with amazing spices like cloves and cinnamon, this apple cider never disappoints. Each sip puts you in the holiday spirit and keeps you toasty!

Coffee Mate Creamers: So creamy, a delicious coffee creamer can turn an average cup of Joe into a decadent treat. With so many flavors to choose from, you're sure to find one that suits your taste. Whether you're in the mood for something sweet and seasonal, like gingerbread or peppermint, or something more classic like French vanilla or hazelnut, there's a creamer out there for you. Just let us know what flavor you and your guests would like to enjoy!

Torani Syrup: A good coffee syrup is the perfect way to customize your coffee or any other holiday beverage you are sipping on! Syrups allow you to add not only some sweetness, but a new depth of flavor to your refreshment. Be sure to give syrup a try when you are customizing your favorite warm holiday liquid goodness!


If you’re looking for a fun and festive way to enjoy your favorite warm holiday drinks, look no further than Tap Truck USA. We can provide all of your favorites, from hot chocolate to cider, on tap and served fresh right at your event. No matter the size, location, or reason for the party, our trucks can handle it all. we’re always happy to help get in the holiday spirit with some seasonal decorations and tasty garnishes. So, get your coat and scarf ready, the chilly nights are coming, but stay warm with a delicious steamy cup of your favorite holiday drink poured fresh from one of our free-flowing taps!

If you’re interested in a ‘Hot Chocolate Truck’ near you, our Tap Trucks will be great for you! connect with us today, I’ll leave the link here!